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Grid computing: Faster networking

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Importance of grid computing
  4. Types of grid
  5. The proposed grid model
  6. Employing the globus architecture the proposed grid
  7. Accessing the proposed grid
  8. Algorithm for proposed grid
  9. Implementation our proposed algorithm
  10. Conclusion
  11. Bibliography

Today we are in the Internet world and everyone prefers to enjoy fast access to the Internet. But due to multiple downloading, there is a chance that the system hangs up or slows down the performance that leads to the restarting of the entire process from the beginning. This is one of the serious problems that need the attention of the researchers. So we have taken this problem for our research and in this paper we are providing a layout for implementing our proposed Grid Model that can access the Internet very fast. By using our Grid we can easily download any number of files very fast depending on the number of systems employed in the Grid. We have used the concept of Grid Computing for this purpose. The Grid formulated by us uses the standard Globus Architecture, which is the only Grid Architecture currently used world wide for developing the Grid. And we have proposed an algorithm for laying our Grid Model that we consider as a blueprint for further implementation.

[...] This rebooting of the system leads to download of the file once again from the beginning, which is one of the major problems everyone is facing today. Let us consider N numbers of files of different sizes (in order of several MBs) are being downloaded on a single system PC). This will take approximately some minutes or even some hours to download it by using an Internet connection of normal speed with a single CPU. This is one of the tedious tasks for the user to download multiple files at the same time. Our Grid plays a major role here. [...]

[...] ACCESSING THE INTRANET GRID: When any user wants to access our proposed Intranet Grid in order to download multiple files over the Internet, then he should follow certain procedures that we consider necessary for the security of our Grid. The main Requirements for Processing in Grid Environment are: Security: single sign-on, authentication, authorization, and secure data transfer. Resource Management: remote job submission and management. Data Management: secure and robust data movement. Information Services: directory services of available resources and their status. Fault Detection: Checking the intranet. Portability: C bindings (header files) needed to build and compile programs. [...]

[...] By using our Grid these large numbers of files are distributed evenly to all the systems in the Network by using our Grid. For example we have taken into account of a small LAN that consists of around 20 systems out of which 10 systems are idle and 5 systems are using less amount of CPU(for our consideration) and their CPU cycles are wasted. And our work begins here, as we are going to efficiently utilize those ?wasted CPU cycles? into ?working cycles?. [...]

[...] The host information is got whenever needed on the priority queue basis. [...]

[...] Added module: 11] Get the Information about files to be downloaded. 12] Match the files with appropriate Machines. 13] Store files in common database. 14] Retrieval of data from database is done after proper authentication. You'll also see how Grid services and the very framework it all rests on is very much like object-oriented programming. PROPOSED ALGORITHM FOR OUR INTRANET GRID: Steps to perform multiple downloading on the Grid. The host details are got from the server of the LAN in order to identify the various hosts. [...]

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