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Underage Internet Use

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Social media has greatly influenced communication between people. Some of the two most popular social media that are significantly restructuring how we relate and keep in touch with one another are Facebook and Twitter. Research has been done on the growth of internet use among children and teens. We shall dwell on an article about one such research and its purpose. There is evidently a basis as to why such a research would be rendered newsworthy. Focus will also be placed on the method of study applied as well as the relationship between the news article and the research study (Chelsea & James 2012).

The article titled ?Is the Internet hurting children'' by Chelsea C. & James P. is aimed at establishing how an increasing number of youngsters are using social media and other internet resources. Social media is growing explosively everyday and the fact that there is an increased access to digital gadgets such as tablets and smart phones to kids begs the question of how it is being put to use. There is too much exposure to adult content and use of media to children that have not attained the required age limit. Today's society is plagued with the concern that kids are not using up as much time with their teachers and parents as they should. This time is consumed by the use of social media as well as texting.

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