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Business of the information systems

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  1. Introduction
  2. The reasons for the Irish "no"
    1. The context of the referendum
    2. The reasons for the rejection
  3. The ways out of the crisis
    1. How did the crisis happen?
    2. What to do now?

Internet, databases, networks, telecommunications, e-commerce, multimedia are all associated with the conduct of business. They prove the pervasiveness of information technology in the functioning of organizations. At a time when technological progress accompanies intense competition, management of information systems becomes essential. Previously, the computerization of enterprises could be considered a problem of automation of administrative tasks. But today, the effective use of information technology has become a key success factor. Whatever be the field of activity and size of business, information systems help to realize gains and productivity and helps acquire new business strategies. There are two major services in the area of information systems: - project management (WAM) is the functional part. It is the oriented enterprise business (HR accounting). The contracting authority shall conduct the management of change within the company. The project management (EOM) is the technical part. It possesses the technical expertise and delivers the system to project management. There are diverse information systems that are used in human resources, accounting, business processes, production, etc. This diversity of information systems is the backbone of the enterprise, without which the company cannot develop further.

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