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A study on programming languages

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  1. Introduction
  2. Reasons for studying programming language
  3. A short history of programming languages
  4. Von Neumann Architecture (Stored program concept)
  5. Development of early languages
  6. Internet - features and effect on programming language
  7. Application domains
  8. Problem solving
  9. Software design
  10. Influences of other areas
  11. Attributes of a good language
  12. Which PL or Paradigm to choose?
  13. Syntax and Semantics
  14. Language paradigms
  15. Language standardization
  16. Internationalization
  17. Programming environment
  18. Effects on language design
  19. Environment framework
  20. Bibliography

A language used to instruct or command computer to perform a specific task is called Programming Language. The process of design is founded in the systematic principles & methods. Although at times designer is compelled to deploy intuitions, tactic knowledge etc. Programming Environment is in which programs are created & tested, and it tends to have less influence on language design than the Operating Environment in which the programs are expected to be executed. It consists primarily of a set of support tools & a command language for invoking them. Separate Compilation & Assembly of a Program from components and features aiding program testing & debugging.

[...] Von Neumann Architecture (Stored Program Concept) Assembly Language Structured Language H/w architecture Stored Program Concept Development of Early Languages Numerically Based Languages FORTRAN ,FORTRAN 90,ALGOL,PL/I Business Languages COBOL Artificial-Intelligence Language LISP Types of Environments Host Environment & Target Environment Eras Mainframe Era-Batch Environment & Interactive Environment Personal Computer Era-PC & Embedded Systems Networking Era-Distributed System & Internet Internet ?Features & Effect on Programming Language DARPA- ARPANET Protocols- FTP, SMTP, POP, Telnet etc Put S/w on internet for local use E-commerce Undermining issues Security Performance Application Domains Problem Solving Defining the system Analyzing the system defined Detailed System Specifications Design the System Implement the Design Testing & Debugging Validation Characteristics of a Good Program -Cost / Quality & Time Software Design The process of design is founded in the systematic principles & methods. [...]

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