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Characteristics of a system

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  1. Introduction
  2. Important system concepts
  3. Features of system concepts
  4. Breaking up into sub systems
  5. Simplification
  6. Methods of simplification
  7. Systems connected within clusters
  8. Decoupling
  9. Reasons for decoupling
  10. Dimensions to decoupling
  11. Inventories and buffers
  12. Means of decoupling
  13. The flexible resources
  14. Other important system concepts and standardization
  15. A modern approach to systems analysis and design
  16. Bibliography

Relatively autonomous subsystems are also loosely coupled with other subsystems; that is. relatively few interfaces exist between the subsystems, and these interfaces are relatively simple. Decoupling techniques, which may be used to make subsystems relatively independent from one another by simplifying their interfaces, Sum of the subsystems constitute the entire system The process of decomposition is continued until smaller smallest subsystem are of manageable size. For example, in structuring an organization, decomposition stops when we reach units that are simple enough to manage as a whole. Generally subsystem is one of the element of a supra system Interfaces must be provided between the interacting subsystems.

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