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Children and Internet: a revolution within the family

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  1. Background
  2. Aim
  3. Internet : a link for a 'digital generation'
  4. Internet : an instrument of knowledge and socialization
  5. Controlling Children's Use of Internet
    1. Children access and use of Internet
    2. Invasion of privacy
  6. The concept of the 'competent child'
    1. Influence of Internet games on children's behaviour
    2. Swedish node for internet safety awareness and Swedish Media Council

The Internet Revolution is not only a technological revolution, but also a revolution within a family, as it influences the development of children and relationships within the family. My cousin is 9 years old and I can see big differences in the use of Internet between her and me at the same time. I explained to her that I grew up without 'MSN Messenger' and she felt really sorry for me. Actually, with Internet and her cell phone, she develops a very secret private life, whereas my friends had to call me on a landline phone, which my parents picked up before I could talk to them, when I was a child. If the differences are already important between a child aged 9 and me aged 22, I can imagine the gap existing between a child and its parents childhood, they can no more apply the same education they received because of the emergence of Internet within the family life. Indeed, Internet has risks for children and young people but it is also a source of autonomy, creativity and knowledge as it will be explained in this essay.

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