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Discuss the effect of the internet on higher education

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  1. Two types of websites
  2. Internet as a tool
  3. The risks

The Internet has a big influence over life in the society. Higher Education has a lot of web usage. Indeed, the Internet could make the link between the multitude of information and the people who are using it. Each Internet user has to be careful about everything he reads or uses, because this huge source of information is the most dangerous one. Two types of websites exist on the web: the official ones and the others. When an user finds something interesting and valuable he must check it. One of the biggest mistakes while using the Internet is to pick up some information and trust in it as if it was absolute truth. All those risks is the reason why a lot of using ways of the internet should be learnt from the beginning of the interactive course of Higher Education. The use of Internet is one of the aims of the Higher Educational System. Because it is not only a huge entertainment and information source, it is also a great connection platform which can link anyone in any place at any time.

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