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Does Google have a competitor?

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Generation of value
  3. Compensation value
    1. Banner ads
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  5. Conclusion

Google was created in 1998 and has established itself on a global scale very quickly. Google's dynamism brings new life and perspective to the web. Besides it being a famous search engine,Google offers its users a total of 125 services and applications, the Google galaxy stretches in all directions. Google's services have now given it a quasi-monopoly on the internet.

Given this, does Google have any real competitors? In this paper we explore this question and also try to understand the dangers of hegemony.

Google services consist of five major families

1)Search: tool for every need
Depending on the type of information, Google provides search tools that tailored to the needs of users.
They are Google (Advanced Research in general), Google Scholar(research specialist), Google Finance (research on financial news),Google Directory (directory) and Google Map (to find coordinates).

2)Advertising services: Visibility and Relevance
Google provides relevant solutions for promoting and optimizing websites. With Ad words, Google offers the opportunity to advertise on Google Ad sense, Google also offers a service that allows website owners to host advertisements. And Google Analytics makes it possible to analyze profitable market initiatives.

3)Applications: Communication, Sharing, Tools and Gadgets:
There are a large number of Google applications in all types - mail (Gmail) photoshop (Picasa), video sharing(YouTube) etc.

4)Business: Customized solutions for increased performance:
Google has developed specific tools to cater to the needs of businesses to increase their performance.

5)Practical mobile-enabled applications: The most used Google applications like Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail etc. were adapted to a format that allows the user to access them via a mobile phone that has an Internet browser.

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