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Functional analysis of a USB stick

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  1. Intoduction
  2. PART I: The Kyoto Protocol
    1. Global warming
    2. The vertices of the earth
    3. The contents of the Protocol
  3. PART II: American diplomacy around the Kyoto Protocol
    1. General Remarks
    2. The positions of the presidents of the United States before the Kyoto Protocol
    3. The presidencies of Bill Clinton (1993-2001)
    4. The term of George W. Bush (2001-2009)
  4. Conclusion

Functional analysis is a method that focuses on the identification, expression and characterization functions of a product. It is a method whose purpose is to help generate the service functions and techniques of an industrial product. The main objective of this method is to create a model of the uses of a product and also the degree of satisfaction of the user. This model studies the performance of the product in the phases of its use and then we deduce the potential satisfaction of the user. In this study, functional analysis will focus on the needs of clients and users, taking into account the production requirements.

For this project we apply functional analysis of a commonly used product, the USB. The mass storage device USB is an indispensable tool for any student. A USB is a hardware component that is plugged into a computer containing a mass memory (flash memory or mini hard drive) through the USB port of a computer or, thanks to recent technology, even some hi-fi DVD players.

USB sticks now have additional functions to their basic function i.e. storing data. In this report we have concentrated on studying a conventional USB stick, one without associated peripheral functions.
In the first part we will try to see the contextual elements related to this functional study and have a brief presentation of the product i.e. the USB stick.

This functional analysis is for a company that produces computers but wants to diversify its business by offering peripheral products like USB memory sticks.

The objectives of this study are:

? To reduce production costs and optimize production processes
? To promote its product relative to the competitive market
? Increase customer satisfaction
? Build customer loyalty

Interaction method: This method is to highlight the interactions between the product and its environment which it must adapt to in order to best define the needs of the user.

The identification of the phases its use:
The first step of the method of interaction is to determine the different phases of the use of the USB key. The phases are as follows:

- Transporter
- Open
- Connect
- Manage data (removal, storage, transfer)
- Disconnect
- Close, store

The main action chosen to conduct the functional analysis is "data management".

Identification of surrounding elements:
The second step is to study the environmental elements of the key that interact with it during its main phase of use. Its Surrounding elements are:
? User (hands, eyes, brain)
? Data
? Computer
? Place storage
? Regulation
? Weather

Expression functions: Identification of interactions:
By identifying the phases of use and the surrounding elements, we can deduce the interactions and thus, express the functions.

The constraint functions are the direct result of an interaction between the USB and an element in its environment, this is denoted by the letters ?FC'

To order functions, we proceed to reformulate them by grouping:
F1: The key is used to carry data and manage them through a computer.
F2: The key is to withstand weathering and storage.
F3: The key should be easy to use and adaptable to all computers.
F4: The key must meet the regulations.

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