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The History of the High School Journal

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  1. Abstract
  2. The History of the High School Journal
  3. Education and National Defense
  4. Conclusion

The United States public schools today are unique in their nature of education provision and the diverse population whose educational needs they are now catering for. The government now plays an active role in education with schools receiving funding through the No Child Left Behind legislation. Education in the United States did not start out as reformed as it currently is. There are significant changes that have occurred which are covered in this text.

Education started out pretty much as a religious affair with many schools being linked to religious studies. This then led to the conventional schools that we currently known as public schools. It has also undergone a wave of racial and sexual mixes that has transformed the learning system. Originally, education suffered from segregation, racism and social class. Children from rich families were educated in some of the best private schools while those from poor families were left to toil in the public schools. Immigrants were also not allowed to freely engage in education and state funding rarely went to the development of schools in the predominant south.

[...] Creating Positive Culture in a New Urban High School This decade commenced when President Obama had been elected into government as the President of the United States. For the first time, the country had elected a black president into power and was a significant step in multicultural democracy. This may have been the focus of the first issue in 2010. There have been advancements in technology that has realized new research into education technology for those with disabilities. The issue on ?Writing through Visual Acts . [...]

[...] The United States education system has developed from a place whereby there were few valuable skills imparted on adolescents as seen in progressivism. It has however undergone significant reforms over the years to cater for its multicultural population. These reforms have however been attributed to historical events that contributed to the present education system. The History of the High School Journal I chose to analyze the History of the High School Journal which published in the first issue in 1910. [...]

[...] Smith and Heather Mowat Vol No. Alternative Certification Teacher's Attitudes toward Classroom Management. Leon D. Caldwell and Kamau O. Siwatu Vol No. Addressing the needs of Multicultural Populations in Education Settings: Implications for Teachers and Counselors Howard Machtinger Vol No. Special Issue: After the Flood: The Impact of Katrina on Education in New Orleans The global information revolution was still going on at the time that led to advancements in the modes of teacher certification. Teachers could now get their teaching licenses on-line and even carry out classes on-line. [...]

[...] Progressive education was t it peak where children were allowed to follow the path they so wished. This publication discussed some of the challenges that the country was facing during the depression and the measures that had been taken. This period also characterized the largest high school enrollment when people who had previously been engaged in juvenile labor sought high school education 1949: Education, National Defense and Health Franklin D. Roosevelt and Frederick L. Redefer. 1940: Vol. 23No. Education and National Defense I. [...]

[...] The Teacher's Problems in the Improvement of Instruction Hugh A. Joyce Vol No. Democratic Education and Individual Potentialities S.M.H. 1952: Vol No. Problems of Instruction in Secondary School Reading This period was characterized by the onset of the cold war in which conflicts were expressed through non salient forms. Technological competitions were rampant prompting a review of the education system to enable them meet the demands. Secondary education was thus reformed to include space studies among other less conventional subjects of adolescent study. [...]

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