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Internet famous protocols

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  1. Definition of protocol
  2. Mail protocol
    1. IMAP
    2. IMAP for mailing
  3. MIME
  4. Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  5. File Transfer Protocol
  6. FTP Commands
  7. Internet Protocol
  8. IP Address
  9. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
  10. User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
  11. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  12. Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
  13. Bibliography

The protocol is set of rules that govern how things communicate over the network. Computers have a common way that is called protocol to send information between them. Protocols enable all procedures to be undertaken in a standard manner. some of the more common protocols are TCP, IP, UDP, POP, SMTP, HTTP, and FTP. One of the most popular protocols for LANs is called Ethernet. Another popular LAN protocol for PCs is the IBM token ring network. TCP/IP is standard protocol for internet. The most common protocol for sending mail is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Most common protocol for receiving mail is Post Office Protocol (POP). It is now in version 3 so it is called POP3. The SMTP and POP3 servers may or may not be the same address. Both SMTP and POP3 use TCP for managing the transmission and delivery of mail across the Internet.

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