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Navigators - origins, management and operation of Internet network

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  1. Environmental issues and sustainable development
    1. The emergence of environmental issues at the time of the GATT
    2. Sustainable development: new target in the WTO
  2. The WTO faces the challenge of sustainable development
    1. Regulations conducive to the promotion of sustainable development
    2. Important features, limited effectiveness

The Web is an open system that lets one view pages posted on web sites. However, consultation is not possible without a browser. Browsers are software programs that allow, through a technique of hypertext links, the display of web page and the easy navigation of these pages. These are browsers that are covered in this issue, and present a study of the features they offer and a comparison of browsers on the market. Excerpts from the document: "The manager of the favorites and bookmarks - IE8 is still in a traditional management (creation / deletion and organizing by folders), the remaining organization panel is impractical. Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 offers advanced management, management of traditional or a combination of keywords for each site. Safari 4.0 also offers advanced management and a search within the text, which is quite handy in the sense that one can find a page that one remembers vaguely. Chrome 2.0 offers a traditional management even if the second version is less archaic. Opera 10 provides the user with an advanced version. The download manager is used to download files more efficiently with a simple browser. The capacity of managers varies by type and may allow the assumption of more or less important protocols. The research and the use of "mirror" provide exact copies of the site to speed up downloading and multithreading. The download of multiple pieces of a file will then be reassembled again to accelerate the download. The analysis of the downloaded files for external viruses (after setting), automatic sorting of files into folders according to their type (pictures, videos, music), pausing the download etc are other features. There are restrictions on the use of the modem, that continue to ride in good conditions.

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