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Software requirement development - The airline ticketing reservations software systems

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  1. Scope
  2. Overview / Background information
  3. System requirements
    1. Functional requirements
    2. Non-functional requirements
  4. Design
  5. Testing, analysis and system verification methods

The purpose of this software development is to come up with the system analysis of the actual procedures that are involved in the reservation of airline travel tickets. As such, this should be utilized as efficient as possible to ensure that the advantages of the software are achieved fully. The essence of software of the airline ticket reservation systems entails the development of a high-level language that provides automatic and highly reliable means of transacting the airline business (Law & Leung, 2000).

[...] The usability features should be implemented in the software system. In order to achieve the system goals and targets, the design should be simple and usable by all users and thus should not contain any complexity. The system developed should give the users an opportunity to learn how to use it and thus enhance natural navigation. Also, the software system will thus provide help and guide to the users Reliability The system should be highly reliable as this is essential in the serving of thousands of customers without any errors or breakdowns. [...]

[...] To enable the two parties to interact with each other, the customers can add their details and relevant information to the system The software systems support the purchasing process. The customers can make the payment online and book the flights. The customers are only required to insert their card details and the confirmation of the payment. After the clients make a successful payment, they then receive the booking reference code Customers can print the E-ticket. When the customers finish all the payments and thus the booking, they receive the ticket directly and hence they may decide to print it directly. [...]

[...] The establishment and the development of the software should be in such an economical manner and must meet the appropriate customer requirements. For any company or business venture geared for international expansion and development, the essence of the efficient airline reservation system is crucial as it enables the business people to do the necessary travelling arrangements on short notice. Business people have no time to prepare for the bookings and as such, the online airline booking system is very indispensable. [...]

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