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The specific problems of Internet censorship and information poverty in the developed world

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  1. Introduction
  2. Internet Censorship
  3. The History of Internet Censorship
  4. Summary of the Issues
  5. Information Poverty
  6. Definition and Extent of Information Poverty
  7. Impact of Information Poverty
  8. Summary of the Issues
  9. Conclusion

The mass proliferation of computer and Internet technologies has not only revolutionized the way in which people communicate, it has also raised a number of pertinent social and economic questions that have marked ramifications for every individual. Because of the global reach of the Internet, regulating the use of this medium proves to be a difficult challenge. While the issue of censorship with regard to the Internet has been widely debated among politicians, censorship of the Internet would clearly serve to impede society's access to information. As such, even some of the most salient proposals to improve and monitor the Internet carry with them notable complications for infringement on citizen rights.
Arguably, there are a host of information issues that arise when it comes to utilization of the Internet. In an effort to provide a broad overview of some of the most pressing issues in this area, this investigation considers the specific problems of Internet censorship and information poverty in the developed world. Through a careful consideration of what has been written on these two topics, it will be possible to provide a more integral understanding of the challenges posed by advancing Internet technologies.

[...] In addition to the fact that policymakers and society as a whole have identified critical areas that should not be allowed to exist on the Internet, many crusaders to censor the Internet have taken up the cause in the name of protecting children. According to Lawson and Comber (2000) the proliferation of the Internet into the schools has prompted many community and political activists to argue for Internet censorship. While some advocates contend that the US government should police the Internet and limit content, others contend that filters?computer programs that limit access to specific websites on the Internet?should be installed to protect children from viewing inappropriate or malicious content. [...]

[...] Conclusion Censorship of the Internet and information poverty are clearly two defining issues that will continue to have a negative impact on the development of both society and the proliferation of information technology. While it is evident that Internet censorship can lead to information poverty?as censorship limits individual access to information that others have deemed inappropriate?it is also evident that information poverty can be caused by a host of existing social conditions that extend far beyond the reach of Internet censorship. [...]

[...] What this effectively suggests is that the current debate over the censorship of the Internet is not new; rather this debate is one that has a long and rich history embedded in the social and cultural reactions of certain individuals and groups to the development of new technologies. Although the potential benefits of new technologies can clearly be seen, many believe that new technologies need to be effectively regulated. While it is clear that the censorship of new technologies is nothing new, what makes the issue of censorship of the Internet such a challenging issue is the very nature of the medium. [...]

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