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Using MS Office PowerPoint 2003

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  1. Course objective
  2. Getting started with MS Powerpoint 2003
  3. MS Powerpoint fundamentals
  4. Editing and formatting presentations
    1. Editing a presentation
    2. Entering and editing text
    3. Viewing/rearranging outline
    4. Moving, deleting and duplicating slides
    5. Adding notes to slides
  5. Formatting a presentation
    1. Formatting fonts
    2. Applying a template's design
    3. Applying a layout
    4. Copying slide from other presentation
    5. Working with color schemes
    6. Creating/formatting bulleted lists
    7. Adding headers and footers to a slide
  6. Drawing and working with graphics
    1. Insert/modify clipart
    2. Group/ungroup objects
    3. Drawing autoshapes
    4. Inserting charts
  7. Delivering PowerPoint presentation
    1. Using slide transitions
    2. Using an animation scheme
    3. Rehearsing slide show timings
    4. Running the slide show
  8. Working with multimedia
  9. Printing

This presentation will help in learning the basics of using MS PowerPoint. It will cover points like getting started with explanations of the menu bar and buttons, fundamentals of PowerPoint and editing and formatting presentations which covers entering and editing text along with aligning text. It will also cover points like entering, duplicating and deleting slides. It will also talk about applying template design and working with color schemes after which it will cover Drawing and working with graphics. Towards the end it will cover delivering PowerPoint presentation and working with multimedia.

[...] Getting Started with MS Powerpoint 2003 The MS Powerpoint 2003 Screen in Normal View Menu Bar Standard Toolbar Formatting Toolbar Slide and Outline Pane View Buttons Drawing Toolbar Status Bar Notes Pane Ruler Task Pane Slide Area MS Powerpoint Fundamentals New Features Research Task Pane Smart Tags Clip Art and Media website Full-screen video New Powerpoint Viewer Package to CD III. Editing and Formatting Presentations Editing a Presentation To insert a slide, right-click the thumbnail that you want the new slide to follow, click New Slide on the shortcut menu. [...]

[...] Viewing/Rearranging outline View a presentation in Outline format On the View menu, click Normal. In the leftmost pane in the program window, click the Outline tab. Re-arrange outline thru the Outline toolbar Display the Outline toolbar by clicking the View, Toolbars, Outlining Moving, Deleting and Duplicating Slides Moving Slides On the Outline tab in normal view, select one or more slide icons , and then drag the selection to a new location. On the Slides tab in normal view, select one or more slide thumbnails, and then drag the selection to a new location. [...]

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