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Design and development of insurance agent’s samurai

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  1. Abstract
  2. System study
    1. Feasibility study, Existing system and Proposed system
  3. Language specification
    1. Features of VB.NET
    2. Features of SQL server 2000
  4. System design
    1. Input design, Output design, Database design and Dataflow diagram
  5. System testing and maintenance
    1. Unit testing, Integrating testing and Validation testing
  6. System implementation
    1. Scope for future development
  7. Conclusion
  8. Bibliography and Appendix (Screen shots, Data table structure and Sample coding)
  9. Hardware specifications
    1. Processor: Pentium III 866 MHZ, RAM: 128 MD SD RAM, Monitor: 15 inch color
    2. Hard disk: 20 GB, Floppy drive: 1.44 MB, CD drive: LG 52X
  10. Software specifications
    1. Operating system: Windows 2000 professional, Environment: Visual studio .NET 2005
    2. .NET framework: Version 2.0, Language: C#.NET, Web technology: Active server pages.NET
    3. Web server: Internet information server 5.0
    4. Reports: Web form data grid control
    5. Back end: MS-SQL-server 2000

The project titled ?Design and development of Insurance Agent's Samurai? is designed using Active Server Pages .NET with Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2005 as front end and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as back end which works in .Net framework version 2.0. The coding language used is C# .Net.

The Insurance Premium calculator is a major component in the electronic Systems of Insurance Companies. The Insurance agent's Samurai is the system meant for insurance agent that helps to automated most of the functionalities in the insurance policy related activities. This system should have the facility to enter the customer details who wants to take an insurance scheme. The system should be able to provide necessary illustrations and calculate the premium amount. This system should also provide the facility to show the specification of premium term as per the choice of premium value to be paid. If the customer decides to go for the selected insurance plan, the system should be able to generate the filled application form in MS word format. This system an also be implemented for standalone machines (for Insurance agents)

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