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Document version controller

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  1. Abstract
  2. Project description
  3. System study
  4. Existing system
  5. Language specification
    1. Features of ASP .NET
    2. The .NET framework
    3. Class library
    4. Languages supported by .NET
    5. ASP .NET events
    6. Types of controls
    7. Features of SQL server 2000
  6. System design
    1. Input, output and database design, Data flow diagram
  7. System testing and maintenance
    1. Unit, integration and validation testing
  8. Scope for future requirements
  9. Conclusion
  10. Bibliography
  11. Screenshots
  12. Hardware specifications
    1. Hard disk: 20 GB, Monitor: 15' color with VGI card support, RAM: Minimum 256 MB
    2. Processor: Pentium 3 and above (or) equivalent, Processor speed: Minimum 500 MHZ
  13. Software specifications
    1. Operating system: Windows XP, Platform: Visual studio .NET 2005, Database: SQL server 2000
    2. Languages: ASP.NET, C#

This project is aimed at developing a version controller which can be used to control any type of documents. This is typically useful when a group of people are concurrently changing the documents in a repository. First User registration and access privilege to the repository, Administrator's privilege to edit user profiles, Stream management. (A stream is a file base which is independent of other file bases. The scope of all version-control actions is restricted to a file-base.) Users have option to select the stream from list-down box.

The User Interface user has option to select stream, User has option to traverse the Folder tree, and the last folder of a tree will have the documents. User can view all versions of a document, User can up-version a document simply by uploading that document again, User can delete only the latest version which he/she has created, and User can create the initial version of the document. The version numbering will happen automatically. Administrator can freeze a file-base.

A system is required which is being capable of elimination all the problems and become useful to store more than 10MB of files,images, songs,videos.we easily invite the friends and upload their details.

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