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The measurement of information technology literacy: A case of Thai graduates

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Research objectives
    1. Research framework
  4. Methodology
    1. Sample
    2. Measurement
    3. Step 1: A survey of Thai business organizations
    4. Step 2: Forming the ITL framework
    5. Step 3: Developing and testing a measurement tool
    6. Step 4: Measuring the ITL of Thai graduates
  5. Research findings
  6. Discussion
  7. Limitations
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

The main objectives of this research are to develop a measurement tool for determining information technology literacy (ITL) and to assess the ITL of Thai graduates. ITL in this study is categorized into three components: fundamental knowledge, skills, and applications. The study consists of two parts. The first part relates to developing a measurement tool for assessing the ITL of the Thai graduates. The components of ITL in the measurement tool were obtained through questionnaires which were answered by HR managers of fifty Thai companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The second part details the use of the measurement tool to assess the ITL of Thai graduates. The research findings, besides showing the level of literacy of non-IT Thai students at the time of finishing their Bachelor's degree, may also prove useful when deciding on adjustments to IT teaching in Thai universities so that such teaching more effectively meets the needs of the country's labor market. Information technology (IT); consisting of computers, communication, and computer networks [14]; has been one of the significant factors affecting and shaping the development of many aspects of Thai society since the beginning of the 1980s. Many Thai organizations, both in public and private sectors, have adopted IT for improving their management, efficiency, and competitive advantage. IT is also used in innovative projects. Trends show increased use of computers and IT for enhancing quality and production.

[...] The measurement of ITL among Thai graduates can provide benchmarks for adjusting teaching programs in universities and therefore more effectively prepare graduates for the workplace. In order to produce valuable research findings, an effective ITL measurement tool and techniques are critical. This research, possibly the first of its kind in Thailand, presents three main conclusions: that ITL measurement research should actively involve key people in the labour market, those who can provide the currently needed ITL; that the ITL measurement tool must contain the critical components of ITL i.e. [...]

[...] The paper written for a workshop entitled ?What everyone should know about Information Technology?, organized by the Committee on Information Technology Literacy, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB) of the National Research Council, January 14-15, 1998). Retrieved: September from Information Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore. (2002). Survey on Infocomm Literacy for 2002. Retrieved: March from, Institute on Rehabilitation Issues (IRI). (2000). Computer Self Survey - 26th IRI 2000. In Dew, D. W., McGuireKuletz, M., & Alan, G. [...]

[...] The ITL skills of science students; however, are normally related to their specific profession, not directly to the needs of the labour market This research had the following objectives: to find a practical way to assess the ITL of Thai graduates when a hands-on computer test is not easily accessible; and to create assessment techniques which measure the real ITL of graduates; not their perception of their ITL. The findings seem to confirm that, if carefully constructed, a paper-andpencil approach is as valid a tool as is the hands-on method for assessing the ITL of large groups. [...]

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