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  1. Introduction
  2. The missing features
    1. Font composition
    2. Easier networking capabilities
    3. Fewer reboots and faster startups
    4. Improved stability
  3. The topic of the presentation
  4. Conclusion

Ever since Microsoft released its newest installment in the Windows operating system line-up, titled Vista, computer users around the globe have been having mixed feelings about the highly anticipated product. Since its release in November of 2006, Vista has been slowly attempting to dominate the operating system market. The lush graphical elements (the use of DirectX 10) included in Vista, alone, have won over a large customer base. On the other side of the spectrum, countless customers are less than satisfied by the shady performance of the highly coveted operating system.

[...] The network system re-enumerates the network every time the Network Places folder is opened time consuming task). The interface for using a network is somewhat overcomplicated and may prove to be too intimidating for the average user. The system may sometimes recognize one network computer and divide it into three different network devices. This seems hardly necessary and may baffle entry level users. In my opinion, although the network interface seems over complicated, I would not be very put off by it. [...]

[...] It has been my experience that if a computer is managed and taken care of properly, even highly unpredictable operating systems like Windows XP could work well for prolonged periods of time without deterioration or need for reformatting. The final missing feature mentioned is improved stability. The author reported to have had several ?occasions where an application would lock up?and so would the entire system?. There were also reports of ?mysterious errors? and shut down hang-ups (the system does not shut down and requires a hard power down). [...]

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