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A new paradigm in designing an advertisement - an application of real time data warehouse & data mining in preparation of an ad copy

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Background
  4. Need of the study
  5. A new dimension of preparing an ad copy
    1. Enterprise information integration solution for advertising
    2. Advertising creation
    3. Creating an advertising campaign
  6. Real-time data warehousing and business intelligence solutions
    1. Process of data mining
    2. Data mart
    3. Planning of advertising campaign creation through data mart
    4. Integration of data mart and creation of an ad copy
    5. Application of data warehousing in SAP business one
    6. Compressing advertising data mart
    7. Functions of SAP business one
  7. Dynamic opportunity analysis
  8. Sales opportunity forecasts report
  9. Opportunities forecast over time
  10. Sales and purchase data mart (SPDM) - Sales analysis by item wise
  11. Conclusion
  12. Bibliography

The purpose of the article is to address the relative information of modeling an ad copy through real-time data warehousing. In modern enterprises the day-to-day activities information is to be stored in data warehouse. We have taken the example of data warehouse concept from SAP Business One application as an element of Enterprise Resource Planning software, where it acts as an internal data source by providing the external environmental solutions. Through the ERP software, we have given special focus in planning the advertising strategy. At present the ad creators who are creating advertisement by using the trial & error method for collecting the product or service information with out getting updated information about the present situation. If we want to create an ad campaign, we have to make real & sensitive information in the advertising theme. So, we need to overcome these demerits with the real & updated information about the market place. By using this specific kind of database warehouse, we can provide an on-demand access to real-time information through one single system containing financial, customer relationship management, manufacturing, and management control capabilities.

[...] Total by Customer-Select to display a row for each combination of an item and customer (or items group and customer) in the report. Total by Sales Employee-Select to display a row for each combination of an item and sales employee who sold it. Posting Date From . To, Due Date From . To, Document Date From To-Enter the date range for the sales documents to be included in the report. Define a range for the posting date, due date or document date. [...]

[...] -Choose the required sales employee Stages-Choose the required sales stages to be included in the report Dates-To filter the report to a specific time .Enter any combination of the required start, closing and predicated date Industry-Choose the required industries from the list by Documents-Choose the required document types related to your opportunities . Amount-Choose and from the Amounts window that displays, choose the required range for the potential amount, weighted amount and gross total profit. Percentage Rate-Choose the percentage rate . [...]

[...] Technician-Select the code of the technician assigned to the service call .Choose Define New to define a technician as a new employee in SAP Business One. Assignee-Select the employee who is responsible for the service call. By default, the Assignee is selected and the field displays the employee that has logged on to SAP Business One. You cannot enter a queue if you have entered the assignee for the service call. However, you can transfer the responsibility from the assignee to the queue and vice versa by selecting the corresponding value. [...]

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