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A test case reduction heuristic based on changed condition/coverage criteria

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Background
    1. CC/CC PAIR and test case reduction
    2. Conditions for CC/CC PAIR
    3. Test case reduction
  4. New proposed technique
    1. Objectives
    2. Algorithmic steps
  5. Experimental study
    1. All possible inputs
    2. Implementation
    3. Harrold approach
  6. Performance analysis
    1. Test case reduction
    2. Time requirement
    3. Cost requirement
    4. Coverage criteria
  7. Conclusion and future work
  8. References

Software testing and retesting occurs continuously during software development life cycle to validate the software from different views. To validate the developed one, time and resource constraints are taken into account; therefore test suite reduction technique (i.e., instead of checking all possible inputs test cases check only essential test cases, but at the same time they must satisfy the complete requirements) is the important thing to be followed to test the developed software. Several test suite reduction techniques are present. My approach is a new type of test suite reduction heuristic in which I propose a new algorithm named a test suite reduction heuristic based on changed condition/coverage criteria (CC/CC) to test the software on satisfying complete user's requirement with less time, cost and more coverage of requirements. The coverage criteria of this approach can get compared with Harold approach and the results are analyzed at the end. To demonstrate the applicability of this approach, I conducted an experimental study which shows results with the benefits of my approach in the above discussed constraints (cost, time &coverage) during software testing.

[...] CONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORK In this paper, a new type of test case reduction based on CC/CC PAIR is proposed with the simple implementation part which indicates that the test case reduction factors namely execution time, cost, requirement coverage are taken into account. In future with the addition to this, it's important to consider the fault detection rate for this test case reduction process and also several steps taken to achieve certain goals Reduce test case further which satisfies complete user requirement. [...]

[...] Similarly for the other requirements required test case are plotted based on the number of test cases required for each requirement.Atlast the required test cases for harrold approach are taken from the section-IV.By this approach, only 5 test cases are needed for satisfy requirement up to 70% level because in the graph it's clearly noted that test case 100 is taken for req10. Which indicates that verification of inputs with correct user name and wrong password but it does not consider about the req9 (i.e.)014 both incorrect username with correct password . [...]

[...] TABLE - II REQUIREMENT S WITH ASSOCIATED TEST CASES application Involves 4 stages Test case reduction Time requirement Cost requirement coverage criteria which are explained as follows Test case reduction:In the figure the reduction strategies of the proposed technique is represented which indicates that number of users in the application are taken in ?X-axis and the test case required are taken in'Y'-axis.The comparison between the original test case and the reduced test case by our approach are represented in the graph. [...]

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