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An overview of QTP

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  1. Introduction
  2. Types of recording modes
  3. Record relative to a specified window
  4. Record relative to the screen
  5. Check points
    1. Standard checkpoint
    2. Image checkpoint
    3. Bitmap checkpoint
    4. Table checkpoint
    5. Text checkpoint
    6. Text area checkpoint
    7. Accessibility checkpoint
    8. Page checkpoint
    9. Database checkpoint
    10. XML checkpoint
  6. Parameterization
    1. Test/action parameter
    2. Data table parameter
    3. Environment parameter
  7. Types of environment variables
  8. Types of output values
  9. Synchronization point
  10. Object identification
  11. Using regular expressions for property values
  12. Using regular expressions in checkpoints
  13. Using the backslash character
  14. Kinds of actions
  15. Action template
  16. Recovery scenario steps
  17. Descriptive programming
  18. Dynamic programming
  19. List of useful shortcuts

QTP is a functional testing tool and product of HP. It contains several features for automating the testing. It is divided into five parts- Test pane, Active screen, Data table, Debug viewer pane, Tool option. Add-in manager is special feature in QTP. Vbscript, Active X, Web are the default add-ins. There are 3 types of recording modes - Normal recording, Analog recording and Low level recording. Normal recording mode records the objects in your application and the operations performed on them. This is the default recording mode. It only recognize the objects in application not their location of object on the screen. Analog recording mode is used to record the exact mouse and keyboard operations. You can record in Analog Recording mode relative to the screen or relative to a specific window.

[...] Call to copy of action: It is used make modification in the called action. But the modifications affect only in copy of action not in original action. Call to existing action: It also used to make modification in the called action. But the modifications affects in original action. Action template: Action template used to add default comment for all actions in the test. For example you can add the author name and version no of the application in all the action. [...]

[...] Matching Any Single Character in a List Square brackets used for matching any single character within a list of characters. For example, if you want to matches the year like you can use Matching Any Single Character Not in a List The caret is used as the first character inside the square brackets to matches any character except for the specified letters in the brackets. For example, matches any character except y and z. Matching Any Single Character within a Range To match a single character within a range, you can use square brackets with the hyphen character. [...]

[...] Standard Output Values Standard output values used to get the property value of objects. Text Output Values Text output values are used to get the text string of objects. You can get part of the text string. You can also specify the test before and text after of the string. Table Output Values Table output value used to get the table content of the application. Database Output Values Database output value used to get database value from which the application uses. [...]

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