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ARM based electricity billing

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. System description
    1. ARM-based microprocessor
    2. Specifications of GSM module
    3. GSM module
    4. Features of GSM module
  4. Communication environment
  5. System software design
  6. Design implementation
  7. Future enhancement
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

It is anticipated that in existing electricity billing system has various loopholes, which consequently leads to unauthorized usage and difficulties in monitoring the usage control. In this paper we propose a system which has ARM-GSM interface for billing automation. The implementation uses a 32-bit ARM processor, which is used for processing recharge information and its consumption. It also control the functionalities of relay control (i.e. the end of the circulated power supplied to the home appliances). We can achieve full automation with the help of ARM-GSM system without any intervention of unauthorized user. The control system that resides at distributor sends updated information pertaining to recharge vouchers and its value to the utility consumer end via GSM. This design implementation is used for single phase service only.

[...] Through the property of GPRS, system can provide an permanent-connection, high-speed, and charged by the amount of transmitted packet for users to build a low-cost, high- Make entry in database and inform to customer Is SMS sends successfully? efficient remote monitor system Using this remotely technology we can on change messages electronics display board Conclusion ACK received Hence with this interface for electricity billing, we get an efficient and reliable billing system, with seamless access with full automation. Figure 6. Flow chart for System 5. Design Implementation: 8. References UM10139 Volume LPC214x User Manual; Rev 15 August 2005 User manual. WITURA CORPORATION SDN BHD 2008 copy right WT9001_IP65_user_manual (GSM Remote Control and ALARM System) P. H. [...]

[...] The System at electricity board will consists of ARM processor, RS 232, switching IC, GSM Port / Handset. The system will be connected to the PC (personal computer). The database for meter number and recharge code will be stored in the Memory For recharging, the meter number and recharge code can be sent as a SMS, using Handset. The GSM Port/Handset connected to unit at electricity board will receive this SMS and compare meter number and recharge code with its data base. [...]

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