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Bead Bar’s superior computer system

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Bead Bar
  3. Developing a suitable system
  4. The need of information systems
  5. The planning phase
  6. The systems design
  7. SDLC maintenance
  8. Conclusion
  9. Reference

A standard business depends on information technology for their continued existence. Information technology can provide a business with efficiency which assists a business to be highly successful. Recently, information systems have been recognized as a tool for obtaining a competitive advantage. Information technology is so crucial in a company's need to produce, manipulate, communicate, and distribute information. In today's aggressive IT world where the competition is intense, it can be valuable for any business such as the Bead Bar Company to follow the standard systems development life cycle (SDLC) to make information technology upgrades.

The Bead Bar is a unique company in which customers can make their own jewelry. Meredith S was the founder of the Bead Bar business in 1998 by opening the first bead bar studio in New Canaan, Connecticut. The studio is a unique place where customers craft jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces.

[...] The Bead Bar's printers are output devises because they transfer texts and images from a computer to paper. The input and output devises are important when building the computer systems for the Bead Bar. After the system is built it is ready for the stage of testing. The testing stage is the pre-rollout stage. This stage the computer specialist will make sure all equipment is set-up and connected properly before presenting the project to all employees. The testing stage requires the Bead Bar business to complete several test to ensure the accurateness of the system. [...]

[...] In developing a new database, a physical system model is valuable in identifying the database management system and computer hardware required to apply the logical design. The Bead bar purchased fifteen desktop computers, one handheld computer, and two notebook computers. A laptop is lightweight and contains 128-256 MB of Ram. The laptop has Plenty enough of RAM to access all work related materials. The executives who travel could access the company's programs and emails with their portable computer. The laptop computers are valuable in the design stage. [...]

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