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Case Study on ‘Monitoring the tasks, a task by itself

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Main body
    1. Presenting the concept to top management
    2. Budgeting the resources
    3. Ready-made software or in house development
    4. Designing the process flow
    5. Development phase
    6. Testing the software
    7. Documentation
    8. Document management system
    9. Defining operating period
    10. Repetitive tasks
    11. Replication
    12. Rights management
  4. Year end procedure
  5. Size of database
  6. Training and implementation
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

Monitoring compliances within any organization is a complex task by itself and becomes a headache for any management. Users have to be pushed, reminded, and pursued again and again to get a particular task done. This task becomes more complex when you have multiple organizations and large number of users spread across different locations. Many times a statutory authority or top manager points out a particular non compliance or non compliance gets revealed after incurring loss. Initially we searched for a ready made product but to our surprise no product was available to suit all our requirements and hence it was decided to develop the product on our own. Designing the process flow was obviously the first step and as the project went ahead its complexity increased considering user right management, size of database, ease of use, combination of document management, dynamic reporting.

[...] Even Managers can just view the task performed by his subordinate and in case of any error in entry, he has to communicate to the concerned user to get that error corrected. This has been done with a view that even managers won't be able to alter any data with possible motive of improving performance of their department without the knowledge of respective Page 8 of 12 user. In our present case organisations categories and 48 users gives rise to more than 95000 possible permutations and combinations 3.13 Year End Procedure Software being in initial phase and with experience of only one financial year end, separate menu is not yet designed to create new financial year. [...]

[...] After the basic design of forms was complete, review was taken in respect of each field on the form with specific consideration for the following : Controls required for that field so that user errors are minimised Logical flow of the fields Ease of use to the user so that entering the data does not become a task in itself Minimum entry fields At times there were conflicts between the programmer and functional analyst. These conflicts were resolved by explaining the requirement and accommodating views of each other. [...]

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