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Composition of web services in GIS-based emergency response system

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Related works
  4. Background
    1. Composition of the web services
    2. Proposed system input design
  5. Discussion and conclusion
  6. References

Web services are the pieces of software components, which are distributed over the Internet using some standard protocols. These services can be connected with their clients and can communicate with other web services by using XML based messages through the Internet. Nowadays, the IT industry is moving towards the GIS systems which are the ubiquitous distributed systems since geo-spatial information adheres to almost everything. The GIS and Web services have dragged the attention of the recent web service research community and will soon become popular in the IT world, where the composition of simple or atomic web services to build compound GIS services is a key characteristic. A composite service is defined as a set of such general services working together to offer a value-added service. The platform independent nature of web services creates the opportunity for the composition of the web services. In this paper we are going to explore the potentials of extending GIS with the emergency web services by developing a system for the emergency management of Chennai city and its suburban areas.

[...] This paper broadened the agenda of distributed GIS research by adding the composition of web services optimally during the emergency request as a new dimension. The essential part of this work is the information presented on a map. In emergency situations all the activities are made GIS-based and the use of GIS system is in a normal and easy environment for calling the application and to manage the emergency situation. The focus is on the articulation of a system architecture that integrates the web services in a distributed computing paradigm. [...]

[...] Compose (wnm, wnm is list of services selected; res is the output { res=Null; for 1 to n for j = 1 to m if wij Null { wij.Invoke(pl, dt, wij is a webservice res = res U rr; } next j next i return res; } Table 1 : Linear Composition Algorithm wnm denotes the list of web services selected by the decision making process for the emergency request. For the selection of the services, it may use a web services selection algorithm that is out of the scope of this paper. [...]

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