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Dawn of the information age

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  1. History and overview of information systems
  2. Processor frequency
  3. Hard drive capacity
  4. Exchange data format
  5. Standard connection (interface)
  6. Operation system
  7. Software and its uses
    1. Types of application software
    2. Failure of information systems security
  8. Conclusion

We live in an age of information. Every day we witness tremendous changes in the field of information technology. To understand the functioning of the information systems around us, we need to look into the meaning of the various terms used in this context.

The term information system means any system designed to develop, process, store, send or display information.

[...] Meanwhile, Apple marketed the version 2.0 of the operating system of its Newton PDA. In 1997, Apple released Mac OS And the following year, Microsoft revealed Windows 98, which has the main feature of the operating system, which is integration of Internet Explorer 4.0 and its tools Outlook Express. 2000-2009: Launched in 2000, Windows 2000 Professional and Server, there were three versions for Intel server that were marketed. 2001: Release of Windows XP Home and Professional. Apple released Mac OS a UNIX based system which undertakes multitasking, and has a multiprocessor, with protected memory. [...]

[...] These 8-inch storage devices were widely used to transfer information - 1989: This was the era of the development of languages like C and which were widely used in programming. E-mails become tools of data dissemination and exchange of data - 1999: The Office Pack files were developed in this period. These files are transferrable and are compatible with each client. They can be shared across networks. The Adobe PDF file is a standard text file on the Internet - 2009: The Open Source software enables one to copy, modify or redistribute the source code without any restrictions. [...]

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