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Decision making through software agent-based intelligent system for education management

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Architecture of ABIS
  4. Preference agent
  5. Exercise / evaluation agent
  6. Query agent
  7. Accounting agent
  8. Functions of intelligent agent with respect to other agents
  9. Methodology and design
  10. Discussion
  11. Data analysis and results
  12. Implications for educators
  13. References

Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) is a sub-field of Artificial intelligence (AI) which is concerned with a society of problem solvers or agents interacting in order to solve a common problem. Software Agents have evolved from Multi?Agent System (MAS) ,which in turn form one of three broad areas which fall under DAI, the other two being distributed problem solving (DSP) and parallel AI. This paper introduces the new architecture applying of Software Agent?Based intelligent System in enhancing and improving the education management system. Application of Operations Research is a useful tool for taking decision for Education Management.

[...] Preferences Agent Accounting Agent Intelligent Agent Evaluation Agent Knowledge Database Query Agent ABIS Architecture concise the questions asked. A search engine is available in this agent who handles the query and its related operations in a course. All the modules communicate to the Knowledge Database (KDB) through the intelligent agent. Intelligent Agent acts as middleware layer which is hidden from the user. Initially the system is not intelligent but it attains intelligence and its capability as and when the user starts interaction. [...]

[...] The administrator of the agent based learning system has the option to enable/disable (reset) the intelligent agent in some exceptional cases. Exercise/Evaluation Agent: Exercise/Evaluation Agent will check the attentiveness and concentration of the user and evaluate it. It asks questions while the course in progress. It also performs, Pre-Evaluation tests Final evaluation tests-at the end of each session. (iii) Grading Post-evaluation reports (Topics not answered to the point and the topics in which perfection is attained) Query Agent: Query Agent provides an interaction system which gives the basic theory options if not clear at that point and post course completion helps to Functions of Intelligent agent with respect to other agents: Preference agent Intelligent Agent: data available in the KDB. [...]

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