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Design and implement architecture of knowledge based system to identify water quality for irrigation in the Indian context

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Quality parameters of importance in agricultural use
  4. Architecture of intelligent KBS to identify water quality for irrigation
    1. User interface
    2. Interface engines
    3. Knowledge base
  5. Development of KBS for identifying water quality for irrigation
    1. Web user interface
    2. Mobile based user interface
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

Planning and management of water resources and its optimal use are a matter of urgency for most countries of the world, and even more so for India with a huge population and the need for increased food production is apparent. The suitability of water for irrigation will greatly depend on climatic conditions, physical and chemical properties of soil, salt tolerance of crop grown etc. Also, water plays an important role throughout the food chain, from farms, to food processing plants and finally to consumers' health. It is, therefore, crucial to examine all potential hazards related to the use of water for irrigation by providing knowledge to environment people, planers, researchers and scientists, farmers etc. As knowledge oriented tool, Knowledge Based system can be effectively used for assessing quality of water and thus helps in nation's development. The objective of this paper is to develop working model for better functioning of the specific agro-ecosystem by examining quality and evaluating the quality of water used for irrigation in the area.

[...] Table Quality criteria for irrigation water Class of irrigation Water Can be Can be Good used with used caution 250-750 142-249 25- 249-426 50 >100 or > 426-710 Quality Criteria Electrical Conductivity dS/m Chlorides mg/l BOD5 Suspended solids pH Temperature Very good Unsuitable (bad) >3,000 >710 0-250 0-142 0 Text Communicator Agent Listening User Interface Explanation Part Knowledge Base -Facts -Rules -Knowledge Methodology Inference Engine -Rule Based -Forward chaining -Backward chaining Knowledge Acquisition Model Deduction Data Source Knowledge Agent -Reasoning -Ontology -Analogy -Representation -Experts -Reports -Database -Creation -Collection -Processing Figure Functional Block Diagram of Architecture of Intelligent KBS KBS to Identify water quality for irrigation This [...]

[...] A mobile agent system design based on the use of XML-based agent code, the UDDI registry for agent registration and lookup/discovery and XML Web Service calls for mobile agent intercommunication and migration. Using the built-in Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), data and execution requests are passed through back-end Java class and the resulting Java Beans. Communicating with the three lower layers Data, Information, and Knowledge in the proposed architecture, CORBA collects and sends the requested water data. To simplify calls, input and output parameters are converted into XML strings by a customized XML parser. [...]

[...] The number, complexity and rapid change of information in yield extension require the development of internet, wireless, satellites and mobile based information report system to support yield extension [5].By implementing KBS as knowledge servers, it becomes economically feasible, profitable, and beneficial to users, to publish expertise on the Net or provide Knowledge through devices like mobiles KBS on mobiles can supports a large of users who communicate with the system on web, mobile etc. Now-a days is a wireless trend, Intelligent agents is changing the way communication is getting done in the Information Age. [...]

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