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Developing a menu driven housing loan module

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  1. Introduction
    1. Description of the system
    2. Need of the system
  2. Technology involved
  3. Finance required
  4. Time period
  5. Resources
  6. Scope of the study
    1. Objectives of the information
    2. Function and performance
    3. Reliability of the study
  7. Data flow diagrams
  8. Tables and interpretations
  9. Methods of testing
  10. Conclusion

Loan Management System (LMS) integrates various packages with a view to avoid duplicity of work and optimize the very usage of the network resources. The purpose of this project is to specifically design a module (Housing Loan) of the loan management system to systematically grant financial assistance to the employees with a view to save time and effort. Once the scope has been identified, it is reasonable to ask whether the project is feasible or not? Is a project technically feasible? Can defects be reduced to a level matching the application's needs? Each time a module is added to the system the software changes. When the housing loan module is to be added into the existing loan management system then there is a need to ensure that the changes have not propagated unintended side effects on the entire system. Does the organization have the resources needed to succeed i.e. does the company have the various hardware & software resources for the accomplishment of the project?

[...] The major external entities, a single process and the output stores constitute the level-0 DFD. Though this diagram does not depict the system in detail, it represents the overall inputs, process and output of the entire system at a very high level. The Level 0 DFD is now expended into a level 1 model. It should be noted that information flow continuity is maintained between level 0 and level 1. The process represents at DFD level 1 further refined into lower levels. [...]

[...] Developmental research provides interesting insights into how naive computer users think about their first exposure to a new system. They approach it as concrete learners, learning how to use the system without trying to understand which abstract principles determine which function. Users are reluctant to read manuals, but they will learn from demonstration and through visual aids. Live demonstration with personal contacts is extremely effective for training users. There are several user-training aids available: The user Manual: The user manual is prepared reflexively because it is an item that must accompany every system. [...]

[...] The main information that needed in developing HLA module is the amount to be sanctioned to each person and to determine the pattern of the repayment term per month. FUNCTION AND PERFORMANCE: What functions does the software perform to transform input data to output? In this project the Visual Basic 6.0 (VB 6.0 ) is used as front end and Microsoft Access is used as back end. The details of all the clients would be written in Microsoft Access. But whenever the project is run in VB, data entered in MS Access appears in VB due to connectivity, which has been implemented between VB and Access. [...]

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