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Development of a grid framework using .net

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  1. Introduction
  2. Performance prediction and monitoring tools
  3. Hierarchical organization of analysis agents
  4. Performance properties and agents
  5. NET implementation of the agents
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

It is difficult to analyze the performance of dynamic environment like Grid. In a Grid , data need to be collected and analyzed in real time. A Grid has to adapt to the changing resources usages scenario. The objective of this paper is to present an object oriented implementation of a part of hierarchical agent frame work for performance monitoring , analysis and tuning of applications running in Grid environment. Results of the implementation are presented in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of agent Framework. This paper highlights the interaction and exchange of information among the agents for collecting data, analyzing and improving the performance by application of local tuning actions. It also discusses the implementation of some of them. The results presented in this paper highlight the effectiveness of the framework by demonstrating the performance improvement through tuning and showing that the agent control overheads are negligible even when multiple jobs are submitted concurrently onto the same resource. In future work we will experiment in more complex system. Also the future work will focus on incorporating more categories of performance properties and implementation of other analysis agents in the hierarchy.

Keywords: Grid, Hierarchical agent Framework, .NET Technology , C L R

[...] Darlington, ?ICENI: Optimization of Component Applications within a Grid environment?, Parallel Computing, 28(12): 1753- Globus Toolkit 4.0 available in GrADS: Grid Application Development Software Project, Kennedy K., et al, ?Toward a Framework for Preparing and Executing Adaptive Grid Programs?, Proceedings of the International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshop (IPDPS NGS), IEEE Computer Society Press, April Kesler J. Charles, ?Overview of Grid Computing?, MCNC, April Miller, B.P., M. D. Callaghan, J.M. Cargille, J.K. Hollingsworth, R.B. Irvin, K. L. [...]

[...] Test Case I Job with data size Job with data size Time Test Case II Time Figure Overhead Calculation Figure3(b) Overhead Calculation for Test Case I for Test Case II 7 Conclusion In this paper, we have presented an object-oriented specification for implementation of Node Agent in a Hierarchical Analysis Agent framework for Grid environment. This framework is actually used for performance analysis of applications executing concurrently on distributed systems (like Grid) and also for dynamically improving their execution performances. [...]

[...] The framework aims at maintaining the overall performance of a number of jobs (possibly components of an application or multiple applications) concurrently running in Grid at a predefined QoS level. It regularly monitors and analyses the performance of these jobs and supports them to adapt to the changing resource usage scenarios by enabling local tuning actions or migrating onto a different resource provider (host). In this paper, an object-oriented implementation of a part of the agent framework is presented. We have used the concepts of performance properties proposed in the APART project [2].Implementation of the paper has been done using .NET Framework. [...]

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