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Motorola L6i Mobile: User manual

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  1. Introduction
  2. Document convention
  3. Prerequisites
  4. Features
  5. Precautions
  6. Warning
  7. Battery
  8. Installing the battery
  9. Charging the battery
  10. Sim card
  11. Installing the sim card
  12. Managing the phone numbers in the phone book
  13. Making a call
  14. Receiving a call
  15. Using SMS
  16. Setting a reminder in the calender
  17. Glossary
  18. Bibliography

A mobile phone, also known as a cellular phone is a handheld electronic device that is used for voice and data communication over a network. This User Guide is meant for users of the Motorola L6i mobile phone.

Follow the precautions below while using the handset:

Almost all mobile phones are subject to RF energy interference from external sources if not shielded properly. In certain cases your mobile phone may cause interference with other devices.

While using any data feature of the mobile phone, with or without any accessory cable, place the phone at least 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) from your body.

Turn off your mobile in any location where notices are posted that instructs you to do so. Examples of such locations include hospitals or health care facilities that use equipments that are sensitive to external RF energy emitted by mobiles.

Turn off mobiles in an aircraft.

If you have a pacemaker, consult your doctor before using the device.

Persons with pacemakers must never carry the device in the breast pocket.

[...] Setting a Reminder Using Motorola L6i:Reminder" in your Calendar Use the menu key to access the menu screen and navigate to Select and then navigate to ?Calendar?. Select ?Calendar?, which then displays the current date, month and year. Select the date when you wish to be reminded of an event by using the navigation buttons. Use the centrally located key on the navigation area to go to a screen which shows Select which takes you to the next screen where you can key in the ?Event Details?. [...]

[...] radio Figure Motorola L6i Phone Figure Parts of Motorola L6i Figure Details of Motorola L6i Table for figure 2 (Clockwise from Right as in the figure) Sl. Number Keys Description Located at the side on top. Located at side on top. screen display hang up, exit disconnect a call and for exiting menus from a menu connecting phone accessories and charging battery Call answering an incoming call screen display and right on a screen Table for figure 3 (Clockwise from Right as in figure) Sl. [...]

[...] Figure Inserting the SIM Installing the SIM Card 1. Open the back panel by gently pressing the notch at the top Remove the back panel and keep it aside Locate the groove for inserting SIM beneath the space provided for battery Gently pry the notch that holds the SIM in place to move it back a little Place the SIM card in the place provided Place the notch back in position to keep the SIM secure Place the battery in the space provided Put the back panel back. [...]

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