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Remote triggering based embedded servers for smart home environments

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Description of remote triggering based embedded server
  4. Experimental results
  5. Algorithm for implementing remote triggering based embedded
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

Smart home systems are expected to become key research area for ubiquitous and embedded system Computing in coming years. In this paper, a new scheme in smart home systems technology using Embedded server for providing intelligent control of home appliances is proposed. A wireless based Embedded server act as protocol glue that incorporates wireless option such as Short Message Service (SMS) router with wireless local area network (WI-FI) for intelligent automation and higher speed of Home appliances connectivity. With remote triggering capabilities, it sits at the core of the home network, acts as residential gateway and enables bi-directional communication and data transfer channel among networked appliances in the home and across the Internet. The proposed server has been implemented and verified that the system can be a core device for smart home environment.

[...] ALGORITHM FOR IMPLEMENTING REMOTE TRIGGERING BASED EMBEDDED TSEheR VprEoRpo sed remote triggering based embedded servers for smart home environment uses embedded process incoming Fig.3 User interface of client-side application The 2nd National Intelligent Systems And Information Technology Symposium (ISITS'07), Oct 30-31, 2007,ITMA -UPM, Malaysia.255 The client-side application enable user to establish connection to the server (embedded CPU) by using IP address and appropriate port number. In this case, IP address of remote application server is And the port number TCP server is 100. [...]

[...] There has been much talk about generic remote triggering based embedded server but all of today's solutions are proprietary. One of the core difficulties in putting the module in place is the uncertainty as to the services and facilities which consumers will come to demand in the medium to long term. Because large based systems which a service provider must install are considerable risks if new, or if refined services required by customers, thus a practical module must be inexpensive, easily maintainable from both software and hardware perspectives and should be easily upgradeable to meet market demands for new multimedia services. [...]

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