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Satellite link emulation

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  1. Abstract
  2. NIST Net
  3. Experimental setup
  4. Reading parameters
  5. Emulator features
  6. Conclusions
  7. References

Herein is a research paper which depicts the use of emulation for testing purpose to illustrate the propagation of signals in the satellite communication. With the software NIST Net we could emulate any kind of links and get the results with actual packets in consideration. The procedure testing any network related protocol, link or equipment it is first simulated and if the results are satisfactory then the emulation is done which is in actual a real test bed so if the outputs are satisfactory then it is directly used as a part of the existing network. With Linux as the operating system installed in three computers and one of them acting as router which has NIST Net installed in it we could generate all the parameter that need to be considered in satellite communication. We can change the bandwidth, delay, drop rate with respect to congestion etc so that we could consider the parameters of actual links that will be involved and can get the idea of the throughput with the system and hence we could get the idea of the output we will be getting before hand. All new protocols go through this testing procedure before getting into implementation. Keywords: TCP, FTP, LEO, MEO, GEO, NIST Net, Congestion, Corruption.

[...] NIST Net has been used for emulation up to line rate over 100Mbps Ethernet with typical ?throw-away? machines (200 MHz Pentium-class processors and PCI-based 10/100 Ethernet cards). On current generation machines, NIST Net has been successfully used at line rate with gigabit Ethernet cards and 622 Mbps OC12 interfaces. Emulation, as defined here, is a combination of two common techniques for testing network code: simulation, which we can define as a synthetic environment for running representations of code; and live testing, a real environment for running real code. [...]

[...] In a sense, emulation can then minimize the intellectual ?investment? required for network testing. NIST Net extends this metaphor by deliberately simplifying its installation and basic usage. Thousands of people throughout the world have successfully installed and used the emulator for a wide variety of projects, even those with no prior experience with Linux. It has proven particularly useful in academic settings for class laboratories and student research projects. In this paper, we discuss the features and design of the emulator, emphasizing the approaches taken to ensure simple installation and use, and to minimize processing overhead, while still providing useful network emulation facilities. [...]

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