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Smart tips for blackberry users

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  1. Introduction
  2. Utility features of the Blackberry
    1. Virgo
    2. Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger
    3. Gmail
    4. Google Maps
    5. Notebook
    6. Weather Forecast
    7. News Service
    8. BlackBerry as a Modem
  3. Using the BlackBerry effectively
    1. Fixing the trackball
    2. Memory cleansing
    3. A few handy short cuts
  4. Other good features of BlackBerry

One of the most popular and efficient business phones, the Blackberry is an application rich and feature-loaded smart phone for the professional on the go. However, most owners of Blackberry phones do not use all the features and are seldom aware of what they can do with all the goodies loaded in their phones. The Blackberry is not just great with e-mails and the Internet, but has a host of other features that one can use. The article endeavors to help Blackberry users to extract the most out of the Blackberry phone and use it to its maximum potential.

One of the best freeware that can be installed in a Blackberry to get instantaneous access to sports, markets, flight status, entertainment, news etc. You can also access any RSS feed ?all at the simple touch of a button.

[...] News Service: The New York Times has set up a news broadcasting service especially for BlackBerry users while Reuters runs a push service for BlackBerry customers. You can also search amongst a host of other third party service providers by visiting and choose applications of your choice that will be available as desktop icons on the device and keep you updated and entertained for hours on end. BlackBerry as a Modem: Yes, your BlackBerry also acts as a modem. [...]

[...] 13) For replying to a message one has to press the ?exclamation? key. 14) For replying to all, one has to press the ?question mark? key. 15) For forwarding a message use the key. 16) For accessing only received messages, hold the key and press the key. 17) For viewing only SMS's hold the key and press the ?question mark? key. 18) For accessing the message list once again, press the key. 19) For inserting a you need to press the Space key two times. [...]

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