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Credit card management system

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  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. SDLC
  4. Analysis
  5. Feasibility study
  6. Software requirement specification
  7. Functional modules of the system
  8. Software tools used
  9. ER diagram
  10. Data dictionary
  11. Design phase
  12. Input/output design
  13. Project scheduling
  14. PERT chart
  15. Testing
  16. Implementation
  17. User Training
  18. Screen designs
  19. Coding
  20. Future scope
  21. Bibliography

The increasing number of credit card users and the pressure of ever increasing competition, organizations are forced to do new innovations, adopt efficient and effective practices and speed up all the transactions. Most of the reputed banks provide customers with credit cards, which are being accepted at large number of stores and shops. There is a need to make the transactions like credit card issue, credit maintenance etc. much more efficient and fast. To achieve this, the whole process needs to be automated so that the advanced computer based software can take care of all these effort and time consuming tasks.

The Online Banking application can help in properly managing the data related to the various credit accounts and the customer details. In the computerized system the data is stored at once place and shared by many people working at the same place and the data stored is accurate as it is verified several times. The computerized system can produce different kinds of reports and can respond to numerous queries posed by the users as well as the customers.

In the old system of files or registers based approach in which the entries were made manually; they were prone to errors but while entering data through computers the operator will get a signal if the error occurs or he makes any mistake. So, in this way the management of records and the process adopted by the organization will become easier and lesser error prone. Unauthorized people will not be able to access any data or information.

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