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Does cyber-bullying affect the wellbeing of teenagers?

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  1. Literature review
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I chose the topic, "Does cyber-bullying affect the well being of teenagers??, because it was a topic that I was both interested in and wanted to learn more about. I researched the topic through the internet, various libraries and by undertaking various research methods which included surveys, a case study and an interview. I first found various articles about my topic to grasp a greater understanding of cyber-bullying in general and the different cases that have been in the media in the past couple of years. After I thought I had enough general knowledge about my topic I handed out surveys, undertook an interview and did a case study to try and answer/complete my topic. Throughout my investigation I believed that I would uncover the reasons why individuals turn in to cyber-bullies and how cyber-bullying affects the people involved. I realized that the wellbeing of the teenage victims would be immensely affected due to various different reasons. One of the reasons included the fact that these individuals are still developing both mentally and physically. The bullying affects them even more because they are still at a stage where they are questioning their own identity and will only have their self-confidence lowered at this stage of their lives.

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