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Employee performance evaluation system

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  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives of the study
  3. Tools and platform used
  4. Document analysis
  5. Program code
  6. Procedure of testing
  7. Procedures of input and output screens
  8. Implementation of security for the software development
  9. Limitations of the project
  10. Future applications of the project
  11. Conclusion
  12. Refenence and bibliography

This project is developed for providing physical and intranet access to various functions performed by the Administrator and the Employees. Basically this project is developed for the HR department to gather the necessary information on any employee and as such increment in their basic salary and grant a promotion in designation on a yearly basis. This project evaluates performance of the employees on behalf of task completion time, casual leave and extra task done by the employee during the assigned time. If any employee perform the assigned task in time or early with extra task then heshe gets extra points and at the end of the year these points are calculated. According to these points heshe get increments in hisher basic salary and designation(also in accordance with company's policy). In the development of a project the selection of an appropriate programming language and a platform is of primary importance. The major part of the credit for the success of a project goes to the software environment chosen by the developer. Selecting a language from the ocean of the languages is very difficult. A developer has to consider the various features and functionalities that a particular language can provide him/her how easily and successfully the requirements of a user can be fulfilled depend on the s/w language chosen. More over the developer also has to take care of the various facilities, he can use. In the development of this application, it has been taken into great consideration that server overhead should be low as far as possible.

[...] It also supports some new features & enhancement to some existing features. Ms- Access provides deficient & effective solution for the major features. Large Database & Space Management Control Many Concurrent Database Performances It supports large no of concurrent users executing a variety of database Applications operation on the same data. It minimizes data connection & guarantees data concurrency. High Transaction Processing Performance Ms-Access maintains the processing features with a high degree of overall system performance. Database user doesn't suffer from slow processing performance. [...]

[...] login TABLE: (Accessed for login purposes) S.NO FIELD NAME DATA TYPE LENGTH TYPE OF KEY logindetail TABLE: (Accessed for login/logout detail) S.NO FIELD NAME DATA TYPE LENGTH TYPE OF KEY addemp: (Accessed when employee gets registered with the company) S.NO FIELD NAME DATA TYPE LENGTH TYPE OF KEY tasktable TABLE: (Accessed when there is any task assigned to the employee) S.NO FIELD NAME DATA TYPE LENGTH TYPE OF KEY lrtable TABLE: (Accessed when employee leave record is updated) S.NO FIELD NAME DATA TYPE LENGTH TYPE OF KEY taskfinish TABLE: (Accessed when we have to update taskfinish detail of any employee) S.NO FIELD NAME DATA TYPE LENGTH TYPE OF KEY prtable TABLE: (Accessed when performance detail of any employee is updated) S.NO FIELD NAME DATA TYPE LENGTH TYPE OF KEY attendencetable TABLE: (Accessed when performance detail of any employee is updated) S.NO FIELD NAME DATA TYPE LENGTH TYPE OF KEY SYSTEM PLANNING Without planning it is difficult to measure progress. [...]

[...] Normal system operation such as database backup & partial completion system failure don't interrupt database use. Manageable Security To protect against unauthorized database aspects & users .Ms-Access provides failsafe security features to limit & monitor the data area. The system makes it easy to manage even the most completed designs for data assets. Database Enforced Integrity Ms-Access enforces data integrity ?Business rules? that dictates the standards for applicable data. As result the cost of coding & managing checks in many database applications are eliminated. [...]

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