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The software ‘programming arena’

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Programming Arena?
    1. Three stages of Programming Arena
  3. Users of Programming Arena are broadly divided into two types
  4. Objectives
  5. Salient features of tools and environment used
  6. What is Java?
    1. History of Java
    2. Importance of Java
  7. What is Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  8. Preliminary investigation
  9. Various areas on feasibility of the study
  10. Document analysis
  11. Free tutorials
  12. Coding
  13. Results
  14. Case studies
  15. Conclusion

The Programming Arena is basically a distributed program which will be available on internet. It is the project which has been developed to help learners of different programming languages. It is a system which provides Free Tutorials of programming, Free Online Exam to test learner's skills, Free Sample Test, Free Source Code, and Interview Tips. The idea behind to make Programming Arena is to provide services to Beginner/Novice Programmers, who keen to learn more in world of programming. Here in this we Provides services like online exams, tutorials and interview tips. The main objective of this project as its title reflects is to develop distributed program for providing ?Arena to Programmers ?where they can enhance there skills and judge there capability. The proposed automated system will provide the needed ability to support future growth and expansion.

[...] The systems development life cycle consists of the following: Preliminary investigation Determination of system requirements Design of system Development of software System testing Implementation, evaluation and maintenance Similar is the case with my project, which is briefly explained under above stated points. Preliminary investigation: The first step in the system development life cycle is the preliminary investigation to determine the feasibility of the system. The purpose of the preliminary investigation is to evaluate project requests. It is not a design study nor does it include the collection of details to describe the business system in all respect. [...]

[...] Java Features Some of the important features of Java are as follows: Simplicity Orientation Platform Independence Security High Performance Multi Threading Dynamic linking. Garbage Collection. One of the most important feature of Java is Platform Independence which makes it famous and suitable language for World Wide Web. Java is important to the internet The internet helped catapult java to the forefront of programming and java, in turn, has had a profound effect on the internet. the reason for this is quite simple: java expands the universe of objects are transmitted between the server and our personal computer: passive information and dynamic, active programs. [...]

[...] Ms- Access provides deficient & effective solution for the major features. Large Database & Space Management Control Many Concurrent Database Performances It supports large no of concurrent users executing a variety of database Applications operation on the same data. It minimizes data connection & guarantees data concurrency. High Transaction Processing Performance Ms-Access maintains the processing features with a high degree of overall system performance. Database user doesn't suffer from slow processing performance. High Availability At some sets Ms-Access works 24 Hours per day with no downtime or limit database throughput. [...]

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