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The history of Internet

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  1. The start of Internet
  2. Advantages
  3. Pitfalls of Internet
  4. Early 60s
  5. 1965-1975
  6. 1975-1990
  7. 1990-2005
  8. 2005-2015
  9. Future

Brief Definition : Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that links several billions devices worldwide. In easy words, Internet is a mean of communication that enable the world to be connected through a network.
It revolutionized the world of communication and the computers like nothing before.
In our todays societies, Internet became a daily used media and widespread information structure: We use it for work, research, social purposes/issues etc.

[...] The ARPANET is considered as the precursor of the Internet network, with some fundamental features of the current network: ? A network nodes could be destroyed without affecting its operation; ? Communication between machines was done without intermediate central server; ? Basic protocols. In France at the same time, similar software was created, Cyclades by Louis Pouzin. In collaboration with Arpanet, Louis Pouzin can introduce additional functionality and simplify others, and offers more flexibility and a greater opportunity for interactivity. [...]

[...] Since the 60s, Internet has revolutionized and changed the world that we are living in to the point that some people are even thinking about how it could be threatening for the future. The opinion is shared between some of the people who think it could become even more overwhelming and some others that thinks its popularity will decline because of the transfer of data which makes the Internet an unreliable mean of communication. There is nothing we can be sure of, except to make forecasts about its future. [...]

[...] Two parts explain their forecasts. As Pew Forum which is an American think tank which submitted a report having the notices of more than 1400 experts of internet known for their look sharpened. It explain his forecasts of internet for 2025 The net threats these experts fear: actions by nation-states to maintain security and political control will lead to more blocking, filtering, segmentation, and balkanization of the internet. Trust will evaporate in the wake of revelations about governement and corporate surveillance and likely greater surveillance in the future. [...]

[...] And in second part we have the magazine LesEchos which has him an optimistic vision of the future of internet and which presents the forum Netexplo which presents 100 bigger innovations of the world about some of them shall allow to be the internet of tomorrow - BRCK the brick which wants to connect the planet. Knowing that two thirds of the inhabitants of globes still have no access has Internet, this BRCK project has the merit to be easy and fast. A small brick which would allow to connect 3G or 4G in any country and which would adapt in infrastructure local. With a single SIM card she could connect 20 devices it is a start-up who come from Kenya. - Wibbitz who transforms the text into video. [...]

[...] Google bought YouTube for $ 1.6 billion This period is also marked by the appearance and the development of a new shape of meeting: the sites of meeting for single woman (or man), for example Meetic,, . The number of people using this shape of approach is increasing. It is an easier way of going towards the others for example for shy people. ?When I took office, only high energy physicistshad ever heard of what is called the World WideWeb . Now even my cat has it's own page.?- Bill Clinton 2005-2015 There is no real law about internet. But things like ?the law for the trust in the digital economy? in France appear in 2004. [...]

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