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The invention of Internet

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  1. Introduction
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Between 1960 and 1980, computer technology has undergone a dramatic transformation: the computer was originally designed to be, primarily, a calculating machine it was only later that it because a tool of communication. This transformation did not happen overnight, in fact, the modems that were introduced in the market in the late 1950s were discovered to be incompatible.

Before the ? computer network' emerged, a person who wanted to transfer information from one computer to another needed to use a disk to do so.
The Internet and its predecessor ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency) were created by the U.S. Defense Department. They weren't created for personal communications but to benefit their researchers who could now run programs from a remote computer.

The standardization norms that do not have legal sanction and are widely used, are called "de facto standard" One of the largest de facto standard for the networks was the TCP / IP ARPA.

Tags - ARPANET, US Department of Defense, 'de facto standard'

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