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The case of disruptive technology

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  1. Introduction
  2. Which case are we going to explore?
    1. The case of microgroove record
    2. The case of cassette tapes
    3. The transition from analogical to numerical technology
    4. The case of Compact Disc
    5. The major evolution: MP3
  3. The music industry from a general point of view
    1. Global analysis of the music market
    2. The paradox of piracy
    3. The behavior of consumers regarding the music industry
    4. Development of new ?music consumers?
    5. Conclusion on the part
  4. What if Internet was about killing all these supports?
  5. Conclusion

There are more people who are listening to music. Nowadays it is everywhere and every when: you are going to take your bus, you are traveling from a country to another, you are making sport Each reason is the right one to listen to music. It is true that with the development of new technologies, music industry in general has subjected an incredible evolution. But each evolution of course could lead to many problems too. This sector is facing major problems. It is spending much money each year in order to defend itself against downloading of illegal files. Many countries, especially France, are protecting more and more artists and are fighting against "pirates".
In this final assignment we are going to deal with the subject of disruptive technology: in what the development of new technologies particularly since the beginning of the 80's, is typically a problem for this sector?

In the first part, we are going to see the different supports where music was recorded historically and then the new ones. Secondly we are going to analyze the music market globally with its opportunities and threats and thirdly the conclusion of this entire study.

This is the notion the case will articulated around so in order to reach the goals we are going to see in this study, we have at first to define the notion.
First definition of the concept: disruptive technology is a term coined by Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen to describe a new technology that unexpectedly displaces an established technology.

[...] What is relevant by analyzing this market is that we are always talking about the bad impacts that technology has on the music industry with product piracy or burning of compact disc. But what we are forgetting is that there are many things which are positive too. One of the most important would be the fact that small group can be known a get a good reputation with the social network or Youtube. These artists attract more spectators to their concerts which would maybe buy compact disc or paying MP3 after. [...]

[...] By analyzing the situation of compact disc sales and the global music market in general is a kind of paradox: even if there are less and less compact discs which are sold, it is still the second digital revenues share after games. Is music in danger? That is why we have to go through this analysis more deeply and be careful to what Medias are giving as information and statistics. The behavior of consumers regarding the music industry I have read an interesting study on the behavior of people regarding the music industry. [...]

[...] The major problem it has to face was as we have seen before the appearance of the digital technology which has totally crushed it. IV) Conclusion To conclude on this final assignment, we can say that music industry is facing a major evolution since the emerging of the Internet and new technologies. We have moved from an only way of consumption which was buying an entire album in a shop, to music on demand wherever you are. It is true that there are many adaptations which have been done especially on law and the distribution of totally free music which is now considered as illegal. [...]

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