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Electromagnetic Fields and their Effect on Human

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  1. Background
  2. Methodology
  3. Electromagnetic frequency spectrum
  4. Examples of EM radiation and traveling waves
  5. Effect of EMR on human health
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion

Electronic revolution has changed human life, since the early beginning of human being history humankind has always been trying to creative new things in all fields, the use of electric devices have became mandatory especially in communication like wireless communication links ex (mobile phones),nowadays human body is always exposed to electromagnetic ration with different intensity, electromagnetic field is produced by many ways and has many frequency ranges, EMF has been added to environmental list that are possible threat to human health, and from this point studies were started to explore the underlying effects of EMF on human being.

There are four forces that controls the universe , nuclear force, weak-interaction force, gravitational force and electromagnetic force, Ever Since the discovery of electric and magnetic fields human has used them to develop and revolutionize the world ,electric fields is generated due to stationary electric charges and magnetic field is due to DC current , the interaction of electric and magnetic field is called electromagnetic field, the study of electromagnetic field has helped engineering and engineers in design, technology and discovery of far more complicated systems, not to mention that The most notable property of electromagnetic waves that they cant be seen.

[...] Discussion: As we so how Electromagnetic changed the world to an easy one, its effects still a controversial topic, and many studies in different universities are being conducted on this topic, some heath effects are known as skin cancer caused by Ultraviolet and others are still unknown especially on the long- term exposure. Conclusion: Long term effects of electromagnetic fields is the main concern because researches show that short term effects don't have many negative consequences on human beings, and the non-ionizing band has no significant negative effect so far, therefore the use of mobile phones, televisions and other daily electronic devices is safe, Ultraviolet , x-rays and gamma rays known to be harmful on human being, there are precautions and instructions that must be followed for people who are subjected to these radiations. [...]

[...] The exposure to radio frequency waves is caused due to many sources: Visible lights ,ultraviolet lights and infrared lights, microwaves , broadcasting stations, AC power lines , medical x-rays gamma rays. Those sources of EM waves differ from one another depending upon the frequency and the wave length, it is important to mention that those waves travel at speed of light which is around 3 million(m/s) the comparison now is so obvious , very high frequency wave has a very low wave length and vise versa, the following table is gives far more details about some other waves and their wavelength and frequency Another important property of EM waves is their energy , waves that is high in frequency has high energy and waves that is low in frequency is low in energy too, the diagram below best describes this property Examples of EM radiation and traveling waves: In order to best describe how Electromagnetic wave radiate, a cellular phone example is perfect to explain the process, base stations produce radio frequency waves which are received by cellular phones ,and those cellular are always with or around us hence the effect of those radio frequencies waves, the process is worse while the phone is close to human. [...]

[...] Methodology: The study of electromagnetic spectrum will help a lot in the process of exploring the hidden secret of how harmful it is. Electromagnetic frequency spectrum: The EMF consist of sets of frequency ranges differ according to the frequency level and in turn to the wave length, the relationship between frequency and wave length is inversely proportional in other words when the frequency increases the wave length decreases and vice versa, the following diagram shows it clearly The above diagram shows electromagnetic waves, ranges, sources an frequency, we can note that the wave length gets shorter when the frequency increases and when the frequency decreases the wavelength gets longer, short wave lengths is in the non-ionizing range and longer ones are in the ionizing range, more details about non-ionizing and ionizing waves are described later in this research. [...]

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