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Light control circuit

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  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review
  3. Design Objectives and Objectives Tree
  4. Performance Specifications/ Design Requirements
  5. Stages of Building the circuit
  6. Experimental Testing & Results
  7. Conclusion

This research is intended to be used to design a circuit that converts any sound to light, it is an electrical circuit with a Sound sensor, when it hears the sound wave, the sensor converts that sound wave to a certain volts (electrical wave), and the electrical wave runs through the circuit and then turns on the light and turns off the light when the sound is absent, It is very useful in several areas and can be used anywhere so the idea Is that we use energy when we want to and limit the use of no need energy ,it can be used whether at home, mosques and especially on streets to save energy wasted by unnecessary turned on lights, and it is inexpensive in relation to its benefits.

The idea of designing a microphone is similar, the sound of human being passes through the circuit after it is converted to electrical signal and then it is magnified to a higher level of sound signal, here are some other related designs.

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