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Business plan: the Wifi car system

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  1. The Concept
  2. Technically speaking how is it possible?
  3. The Product
  4. Why doing it? Strengths & weaknesses
    1. The advantages of the project
    2. The Weaknesses of the project
    3. The Threats of the project
    4. The Opportunities of such a project
  5. The Place
  6. The Promotion
  7. Competitive Advantage, Matrix
  8. People - The Target
  9. The Price
  10. The Competitors
    1. Video games in car
    2. DVD in car
    3. Global positioning System in Car
    4. The Key position and Exit Strategy

It is important to choose the right time to start a company, because it is function of the economy. In fact, it is easier to start a company when the economy is bad, as the company will be able to commence its functions when the economy re-starts. In this case, we will study the feasibility of adapting the Wi-Fi system for use in cars, thereby creating a new need.

Before presenting the project I will explain what a Wi-Fi System is, and what it consists in. Wi-Fi, or Wireless Fidelity, is a standard technology for wireless access to local networks. Thus the term "Wi-Fi" refers to certain kinds of wireless local area networks, or WLAN (as opposed to LAN, or computers that are networked together with wires). Wi-Fi (short for "wireless fidelity") denotes certain types of wireless local area networks that use specifications of the 802.11 family. The term Wi-Fi was created by an organization called the Wi-Fi Alliance, which oversees tests that certify product interoperability. A product that passes the alliance tests is given the label "Wi-Fi certified". My project is linked to this technology. The project, aims to provide a system of Wi-Fi inside taxis, and cars, which can then be developed into a common product for everybody. It is a clear and simple concept- to provide a Wi-Fi system in cars to develop the technology, on one hand, and provide a lot of advantages at the same time.

Originally, Wi-Fi certification was only applicable to products using the 802.11b standard. Today, Wi-Fi can be applied to products that use any 802.11 standard. The 802.11 specifications are part of an evolving set of wireless network standards known as the 802.11 family. The particular specification under which a Wi-Fi network operates is called the "flavor" of the network. Wi-Fi has gained acceptance in many businesses, agencies, schools, and homes as an alternative to a wired LAN. Many airports, hotels, and fast-food facilities offer public access to Wi-Fi networks. These locations are known as hot spots. Many charge a daily or hourly rate for access, but some are free. An interconnected area of hot spots and network access points is known as a hot zone.

Unless adequately protected, a Wi-Fi network can be susceptible to access by unauthorized users who use the access as a free Internet connection. It is important to add that developing this concept in cars is possible nowadays because it is possible to use different antennae in big cities. For instance, in Paris you can link the computer that is in the car to an antenna used for other Wi-Fi, wireless support. In fact, access to the Internet in Paris is free and available to everyone thanks to the different borders in the city. As a consequence, it is possible to use these different borders and connect to them from cars. The project of Wi-Fi car system is possible by moving from one border to another.

Tags: Wi-Fi, Connectivity, Wimax

[...] Income Statement Inventory Hiring a office in USA Analysis of the Break Even Point The Breakeven point is a crucial tool, because it allows us to calculate when car system will make a profit according to the sales. In other terms, this notion can tell us the positive moment of the company. How many products do we need to sell to make some profit? Breakeven point ratio: 253650 = 253650 = = 1685 products for the first year 180* * Average price of the product Breakeven point ratio: 311315 = 311315 = = 2027 products for the second year 180 Breakeven point ratio: 356605 = 356605 = = 2315 products for year Thanks to the break-even point, we see that in the first year, our company will make a profit when we will sell 1686 products, because with 1685 products sold the company will only cover the different expenses. [...]

[...] The first, and main business providing profitability, is the B-to-B management. In this case, the project is to sell the project to car brands, and computer brands, entering into partnerships with them. For instance, it can be easy to present the product to Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and other brands. At the same time, it is easy to ask a computer brand to equip a special range of computer dedicated to this for the project (Apple, HP, and Dell). The second idea is to make a B to C arrangement where every person interested in the service can also buy it in another way. [...]

[...] The project of Wi-Fi car system is possible by moving from one border to another. + The Product The Wi-Fi car system is not a common product. It is a revolutionary product in terms of high technology and communication. Thus this product provides connection to the Internet even in a car. The idea is to put a computer in a car, such as a luxury car, a taxi car, etc., and linked it to a web network situated in the city. [...]

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