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General Mobile Robotics

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Despite the recent focus in the science, robotics has its origins in ancient civilizations. It may even be true that all other sciences have existed just to allow the robot to develop, and help man to create this "slave" who will enforce his orders. From Prehistoric Man who hastened to invent technological extensions of its members to facilitate his work, such as a club, to an autonomous mobile robot, robotics has continued to increase the happiness of industrialists, scientists, and especially many fans and dreamers. In 1997, the global market for robots was already worth more than 5.3 billion. Since the sixties, robotics has become a science in itself, much sought by manufacturers who are willing to pay huge sums for its development. That is why in a very short time, successive generations of robots have been created, to send up a robotic arm for more walks. It is the era of mobile robotics.

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