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The Specific Methods that can be used by the Organization to improve the overall security of its wireless networks

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  1. Introduction
  2. Wireless security issues: An overview
  3. Solutions for security on wireless networks
    1. Encryption
  4. Virtual Private Networks
    1. Tunneling Protocols
    2. Authentication
  5. Personal firewalls
  6. Antivirus software
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

The advancement of computer technologies has served as the basis for the evolution of organizations. In recent years, the proliferation of wireless technologies has made it possible for employees to work more independently, in some cases eliminating the need for an office. These advances have been so profound that they are reshaping the way in which organizations conceptualize their growth and development.While the development of wireless technologies has clearly been a boon for both employees and organizations, for information technology (IT) professionals, the proliferation of wireless technologies has brought considerable concern and worry. This is because, despite the utility of wireless technologies, the ability to maintain security on wireless networks continues to remain a pervasive challenge for IT professionals. Thus, at a time when wireless technologies are proliferating in the organization, IT professionals must clearly identify and define the safety protocols that can be used to protect the integrity of the organization's vital information. If steps are not taken to ensure the security of wireless technologies, the organization could face serious breaches of its internal data.

[...] For this reasons, information technology professionals must consider the specific security steps that can be utilized to ensure that the organization's data is protected. Without clearly defined protocols for wireless security in place, the organization may face considerable problems dealing with unlawful access to the system. Solutions for Security on Wireless Networks Encryption Among the most notable issues that must be addressed in the context of wireless security is that of encryption. Scholars examining the transmission of data across wireless networks note that while most users assume that the data they are sending across the network is encrypted, and thus secure, in most instances, plaintext data is being sent. [...]

[...] Savarese goes on to argue that while security on the wireless network can be improved, the organization must address some compatibly issues in the context of developing these networks. Further, because of the extent of the security that is used to protect VPNs, widespread use by individual members can slow the network considerably. ?Coverage is spottier and the network is slower. Wireless users need session persistence, link optimizations and compression for the network to be usable? (p. 39). These issues must be taken into consideration when implementing a VPN for the organization. [...]

[...] Conclusion When it comes to protecting the organization from the security threats that could manifest in the context of the wireless network, the reality for information technology professionals is that regardless of the methods used to secure the network, there will ultimately be some type of vulnerability. Whether it is through the conversion of WTLS data to SSL data before it enters the network gateway or through the development of a new virus that is not covered under antivirus software, the reality is that it is difficult to make the wireless network completely secure. [...]

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