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Designing an electro-mechanical device with automatic target detection and firing mechanism and a provision for remote controlling the device

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  1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. Components used
    1. Microcontrollers
    2. DTMF coder
    3. DTMF decoder
    4. 555 timer
    5. Stepper motor
    6. Relays
    7. Parallel port
  4. Hardware description
    1. Microcontroller
  5. Block diagram
    1. Explanation of the block diagram
  6. Software description
    1. Flowchart
    2. Code for stepper motor rotation
    3. Calculations
  7. Circuit diagrams
  8. IR transmitter and receiver
  9. Conclusion
  10. Bibliography

The main aim of any security organization is to provide a comprehensive security net to its client. However, in the process the cost of the whole process in terms of labor and money needs to be considered. Many times the work force gets limited due to reasons such as unavailability of suitable people or economic considerations. In such cases, it becomes worthwhile to consider alternatives to workers in the form of unmanned security systems. Our project addresses this situation. An added advantage of security systems involving machines is that they are unaffected by factors psychological or physical factors such as fatigue, depression etc., all factors that affect the efficacy of workers in a security establishment. The objective of our project is to design an electro-mechanical device with automatic target detection and firing mechanism and a provision for remotely controlling the device too.

[...] The amplifier is followed by a network of capacitors and inductors used for impedance matching with the antenna. The signal is then transmitted through the antenna FM RECEIVER Figure 6.5 The FM receiver's function is to receive and demodulate the frequency modulated signal that was transmitted from the wireless transmission module. The antenna catches the signal, and passes it to the demodulator stage. This is actually a mixer. The 470uF capacitor and the 3mH inductor act as oscillator circuit which generate a signal of the same frequency as that of the carrier in the FM transmitter. [...]

[...] There are special and military devices available that operate at voltages as high as 18 volts The 555 Astable Circuit In an astable circuit, the output continually switches between the high and low states without any intervention from the user, producing a 'square' wave. An astable has no stable state - hence the name "astable". This type of circuit could be used to give a mechanism intermittent motion by switching a motor on and off at regular intervals. It can also be used to flash lamps and LEDs, and is useful as a 'clock' pulse for other digital ICs and circuits. [...]

[...] Although a number of chips with analog circuiting on available for the generation & decoding of DTMF signals and a single channel, this functions can also be implemented digitally on DSP chips. Such a digital implementation surpasses analog equipment's in performance. Since it provides better precision, stability, versatility, and re-programmability to meet other tone standards, and the scope of multi-channel operation by time-sharing leading to a timer chip chart. The digital implementation of a DTMF signal involves adding two finite length digital sinusoidal sequences with latter simply generated by using Look-up tables or by computing a polynomial expansion. [...]

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