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The Telephone

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  1. Introduction
  2. Early history
    1. The origins
    2. Clashes between Bell and Gray
  3. An Italian engineer who has also laid claim to the title of inventor
  4. The telephone
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

Phones have been integral to the evolution of communications and can be considered to have been the most prominent icon of interpersonal interactions over long distances. From the moment Alexander Graham Bell say those famous words to Thomas Watson over the first incarnation of the telephone ?Mr. Watson, come here, I want you!? his invention has flourished to become one of the most commonly used technologies in the world.
Though many inventions have come after it, providing faster use, video imaging or more comprehensive service, the telephone remains a powerful force, evolving constantly and encompassing more and more technology, eventually becoming a multimedia device the likes of which Bell could only dream of.

[...] Integration & relation to other media The closest predecessor to the telephone is undoubtedly the telegraph. In fact the British government declared in 1880 that the telephone should be considered a telegraph in accordance with the telegraph act of 1868. This act forced private companies to turn over management of their telegraphs to the Post office, and had subsequently been used to gain control over the telephony system in Britain, though this power was mostly exercised through the collection of royalties from the various companies who now operated under it The telephone was viewed at first as an item of entertainment, used to broadcast music and news reports, though the same had been said of the telegraph when it first emerged. [...]

[...] Telephones Today The evolution of the telephone is not easily traced as a straight line, since there are many sporadic and widespread improvements that have been made regarding different aspects of the phone, from the first switchboard in New haven in 1878 to the inauguration of the mobile phone by AT&T in 1946, overall development of telephony has been rapid, save for a few understandably bleaker periods, such as the depression. One of the most important modifications made was that of landlines to cordless phones. [...]

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