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Care of the equipment

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  1. Introduction
  2. Carrying cases
  3. Care in use of equipment
  4. Storage
  5. Cleaning the equipment
  6. Battery contacts
  7. Conclusion

The camera equipment can only be depended upon if it has been cared for. It should be treated as any other fine instrument ? expensive and fragile. Manufacturers can make them rugged but we should not abuse them in use and handling. Proper maintenance is essential in storing, usage and in cleaning and preparing for operation.

[...] Cleaning the Equipment Like a watch, the camera equipment also needs regular cleaning, lubrication and servicing, at least once in three years by an experienced camera mechanic. If lubrication is not done, the shutter speeds can slip and give wrong speeds. The camera should be kept as clean as possible. The many nooks and corners collect dust. On e can use finely tipped paint-brush rather than the usual lens brush, since the paint-brush can enter every nook and corner. Hands should never touch the shutter blinds as they are very delicate. [...]

[...] Care in Use of Equipment Proper use of equipment is essential. One should not force any controls, or be rough in handling. Keeping fingers away from all glass surfaces will prevent finger marks. A soft brush or lens tissue should be used to clean lenses. Handkerchiefs should never be used to wipe the dust from lenses. Eyepiece of the viewfinder often gets grimy and misty by the oil on the eyelashes (many photographers remain unaware of this) and needs constant cleaning. [...]

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